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Josie Townsend

Australian Author

New Release

Once was a Girl

A harrowing Journey
Australian Drama

Embark on a riveting journey through the pages of "Once Was a Girl," a gripping Australian drama that unfolds the true story of a young woman's quest for absolute prosperity. Hailing from a middle-class background, her aspirations for a future filled with promise clash with the unpredictable twists of life and the unyielding hand of fate. Get ready for a tale that defies convention, weaving controversy into the very fabric of this captivating narrative. In this evocative exploration of destiny, discover the untold secrets that transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary saga.

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Latest Release

Cant See Around Corners
Supernatural Thriller

Two fraternal twins, Sharon and Annie are the only children of Edna and Warren Karce.

They are the future of the highly famed socialite dynasty.

The girls have graduated with honors and look forward to their trip to Europe.

The sisters' love for one another is obvious but a sinister force of malicious feelings dwells beneath their facade of shared contentment.

Once abroad and with their hypervigilant parents absent,  treachery, deceit, and wickedness develop intensely between the girls, and their relationship advances into the vilest possible nightmare, changing their lives forever. 

The discovery of an ancient, mysterious pendant formerly owned by Vlad, the Impaler from Dracula's Castle begins an epic spiral of demonic incidents that traumatize not only the
twin girls lives while in Romania but has the ability to penetrate their family's existence back home in Australia.

How will the highly renowned family survive the unforeseen satanic entity, integrated with the discreditable exploits from the once idolized and respected daughters of the Karce Empire?

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New Cover

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Upcoming  Release

Shadow Bear
Supernatural Thriller

Orphaned at the tender age of six, Kane grew up in a remote Buddhist monastery high in the Japanese Alps.

From the beginning, he understood that he was different from the other boys because of his unusually large frame and stature, which made him a target of their torment.


The monastery was strict and the high priest monks were experts in the martial art of ninjitsu, with rigorous daily training for the boys, eventually developing Kane into a prodigy.

During a sparring match, organized by one of his rivals Kane accidentally slays his opponent and flees the monastery once and for all, but with a mob of relentless ninjas hot on his trail.

As the hunt begins, Kane's life will change forever as he starts to gradually reshape into his true identity and power, transforming into the demonic Shadow Bear.

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Shadow Bear
Supernatural Thriller

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'Cant See Around Corners' will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The twists and turns are most unexpected. The betrayals and secret alliances were astonishing to discover. The author sets you up to think one way about the characters and reveals something completely different about them.

You will never guess what’s coming next.

'Recommend to all mystery and thriller lovers.'

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Praise & Reviews

'There Once Was a Girl' is an undeniably compelling story. Townsend so skillfully portrays Josie’s inner life that her often-questionable choices are entirely believable.

Readers will be eager to learn how she makes it to the other side of them."

‘Undeniably Compelling Story’
BlueInk Reviews

The unconventional and slightly eccentric nature of 'Cant See Around Corners' appealed to my penchant for dark tales and complex characters. Josie's skill in crafting phenomenal scenes left me in awe.

I was impressed by the adept handling of pacing, as the story effortlessly maintained my undivided attention from beginning to end. 

'A Gripping and poigant family saga infused with Supernatural Elements'

Writers Write

'Can't See Around Corners' was an intense, tragic, family saga with a pinch of supernatural elements thrown into it.  The book had this hypnotic effect and the writing was just beautiful.

The story was very out of the box and quite funky. The plot was fast-paced and it had enough drama to keep us guessing.

A lot of allegories were used to convey that money doesn't make a person good and character is what really matters at the end of the day. Money also makes people too greedy and do unthinkable things."

'This story was very out of the box and quite funky'

Inscribed Inklings' Review

Author Bio

Hear from Josie, in her own words! 

Josie tells her story while exploring her inspiration for her novels and an upcoming sneak peek of her upcoming book, Shadow Bear!

Josie, Who is She?


About Josie Townsend

Josie Townsend was born in regional NSW Australia, the eldest daughter of five children. She started writing at the age of 55yrs old and has self-published two manuscripts and a third on the way. At the young age of 21, Josie had a car accident and lost sight in her left eye, so as a vision-impaired writer it was even more difficult for her to write but she endeavour's to follow her heart's desires and keep moving forward in life. Even through her struggles, she believes in never letting life's hardships hold you hostage like you're its victim.

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